The St Bernard’s Parish, Bacchus Marsh Hopetoun Catholic Cemetery Preservation Group was established in 1999 to repair, maintain and preserve this historic site. Considerable work has been done in accordance with a conservation management plan.  It has been the goal of the group to recognise, in a fitting manner, those buried in this cemetery.  After much time and considerable effort the committee has obtained a listing of all burials officially registered with the Victorian Registry Office. Other sources, including newspaper notices, obituaries, inquest proceedings and documentation provided by families, have been used to complete the list.  In two instances the names of young men included on tombstones, who may not have been buried in the family grave, were left on the list.  Every effort has been made to have the list as complete and as accurate as is possible.  The Dedication Ceremony on 22nd October, 2016 was the culmination of this work.

In compiling the list, the surname spelling generally accepted as correct has been used.  This has necessitated some changes to the spelling on some death certificates. The date beside each name provided by Vic bdm is the burial date.  Similar surnames have been kept as family groups.