Bridget, Thomas, Mary, Bridget, John BOWE

Bridget Bowe              1812-1897

Thomas Bowe             1798-1900

Mary Bowe                  1857-1863

Bridget Bowe              1861-1864

John Bowe                   1847-1885

Bridget nee Byrne and Thomas Bowe were born, baptised and, in 1839, married in Kilkenny, Ireland. They had seven known children: John, Martin, Joseph, Patrick, Ellen, Mary and Bridget. Mary and Bridget were six and three when they died.

John Bowe, the eldest child of Bridget and Thomas, who had married Bridget O’Keefe, was thirty-eight when he died.

Martin Bowe, born Kilkenny, married Ann Jane Maher/Meagher. They had eleven known children – Bridget, John, Edward, Thomas, Martin, Patrick, Michael, Matthew, Mary, a stillborn babe and Annie.

Joseph Bowe married Annie Elizabeth Irwin. They had five known children – a boy and two girls all of whom died in infancy followed by Edith and Ellen. Edith married Matthew Bowe [son of Martin Bowe] and they had three children, Douglas Herbert, a still born boy and  Brenda Jessie. Douglas married Emily and had Brian, Heather, Annette and Lisa.  Brenda married William Thorp. They had two children – Jean who married Sam Bearda and who recently made contact with Kerrie Shea and Kathleen who married Frank Lyons in Canberra was widowed and married Jim Hanan in Brisbane.

Patrick Bowe, who was born in Kilkenny, married Johanna Shea in 1875 at Bacchus Marsh. Johanna was the daughter of Martin Shea and Julia Ryan. Johanna Shea Bowe was listed on the Bacchus Marsh Pioneer Women’s Avenue and features in the local CWA book on these pioneer women. Patrick and Johanna Bowe had three children in Bacchus Marsh – Thomas, Sarah and Patrick and another ten after moving to Benalla – Mary, Bridget, Martin, Delia, Joseph, Joanna, Margaret, Robert, Catherine, John and Kathleen. Johanna Bowe died at Shepparton in 1933 age 77. Her husband Patrick had died the previous year at Kew.

Ellen Bowe, who was baptised at the Muckalee Parish, Co Kilkenny on 31st October, 1852, married John McCormack at Bacchus Marsh in 1873. They had seven children – John, Thomas, Mary Ellen (Nellie), Patrick, Margaret, Martin and Mary. John McCormack was a Tipperary emigrant and died at Darley in 1910. Ellen died March 1st, 1927. Ellen and John are buried at Hopetoun Cemetery with two of their children – Margaret and Martin McCormack.

Thomas Bowe lived in three centuries. He had retained all faculties and was working until the time of his death. The Bowe headstone was erected by Ellen McCormack, daughter of Thomas and Bridget.