Catherine, Thomas, Ann, John HANSON

Catherine Hanson                    1832-1861

Thomas Hanson                        1829-1897

Ann Hanson                               1837-1884

John Hanson                              1895-1895

Catherine Hanson was born in Co Clare, Ireland.  She was the daughter of Daniel and Johanna Sefton.  Catherine married Thomas Hanson in 1858 at Bacchus Marsh.

Thomas Hanson was born in Sweden and arrived in Victoria about 1852.  Thomas was a farmer.  When he was 68, he fell in a waterhole and drowned.  He was buried at Maddingley but was exhumed by his sons and taken to Hopetoun Cemetery to be with family.

Ann Hanson was the daughter of Thomas Kennedy and Sarah Kennedy.  She was born in Tipperary about 1837. She was 26 when she married the widower, Thomas Hanson, in Bacchus Marsh.  A tribute appeared in ‘The Bacchus Marsh Express’ Nov 8th under a note that Thomas Hanson ‘now has to bury his second wife’.  It contained the words ‘And the sunshine grave they made her close beside her brother’s lonely tomb.’  Her brother was Patrick Kennedy who died in 1869.

John Hanson was the two day old son of John Hanson and Sarah Densley.  He was the grandson of Thomas Hanson and Ann Kennedy.