Daniel Delahunty              1866-1866

Daniel was born on 01.01.1866 at Blackwood Road, Pentland Hills.  He was the elder of twins born to James Farrell Delahunty and Margaret Wilson.  The younger twin was Catherine.  Daniel died on 16th March 1866, after four days of diarrhoea.  He was buried two days later at Bacchus Marsh.  As often happened there was no undertaker and no priest available – so on Daniel’s death certificate his father, James Delahunty, is listed as both.

James and Margaret were married in Liverpool on 3rd  December, 1854  (the day Australia’s Eureka Stockade battle took place) at the Church of St John.  They came to Australia and settled at Pentland Hills where James’s sister, Mary, was living.  Mary Delahunty was the second wife of Pierce Purcell having married him on 29th May, 1854 at St Francis Church, Melbourne.

James worked as a miner, was listed as a squatter in Gippsland but spent many years as a carrier in the Bruthen area.  Delahunty Street in Bruthen was named for the family.

James and Margaret had a large family: James born Liverpool and died as an infant, John born Liverpool and married Susan Pattinson – four children, Daniel born Pentland Hills, Bacchus Marsh and died at nine weeks, Catherine, twin to Daniel married George Knight Lee – twelve children, Daniel Alfred born at Lucknow and married Matilda McAlpine, James born at Bruthen, Margaret born at Bruthen and married Ernest Timmins – three children, George born Bruthen and married Beatrice Pike – four children, William born Bruthen and married Catherine Croft – four children, Edward born Bruthen and married Mary Morgan – seven children, Ernest born Bruthen and married Mary Pinn in NZ – seven children.

James died 12th August, 1912.  He had gone blind due to diabetes.  Mary died in 1914 at Sale.

Thank you to Deborah Delahunty for this family information.