Daniel, Margaret CONWAY

Daniel Conway                                                                 Margaret Conway                                       1825-1865                                                                           1865-1866

Daniel Conway, a native of Lisbourne, Belfast, was the son of Daniel Conway and Ann Boyd.  At seventeen years of age he was sentenced, in Antrim, to seven years transportation for larceny.  Prior to this he had been in jail twice for nine months and two months for stealing money for clothes.  He was described as being 5ft 4ins tall, with brown hair, brown eyes, large head, flat nose, no facial hair and deeply pock pitted arms and face. He arrived in Tasmania from Ireland on 31st July, 1845.  Daniel was a prisoner at Port Arthur and at Point Puer, the juvenile prison.  He worked in the mines.  He had gained his ticket of leave by 1849 and his freedom on 4th July, 1851.

Daniel moved to Melbourne where he married Margaret Griffin on 27th April, 1855 at St Francis Church.  Daniel and Margaret had five children, one of whom, Margaret, died at Goodman’s Creek just nine months after her father had been killed in a dray accident.  She was eighteen months old.  Another son, Michael Conway, in the 1860’s, when he was seven, wandered away from his home into the Deep Creek ranges and was lost for five days.  Eventually he came out at Mr Crowe’s place near Gisborne, not much the worse for his exposure. (From Anders Hjorth’s notes)

Daniel’s accident occurred on the Daylesford Road, near Daylesford.  He was a bullock driver and was fatally injured when the dray he was driving overturned.  Daniel’s widow, Margaret, re-married.  She and her second husband had three daughters: Hannah, Charlotte and Annie.