Ellen SHEA

Ellen Shea                            1862-1863

Ellen was the daughter of Stephen Shea and Catherine Corbett who married in Tipperary in 1840.  They had nine children.

Margaret, the eldest daughter of Stephen and Catherine, married John Ryan in 1857.  John died in 1890 and has a tombstone in our cemetery.  It seems Margaret may have married again to Patrick McNamara.  The second daughter, Mary, married Edmond Ryan in 1879.  It was the youngest daughter in this family, Anne (Johanna) who married her cousin, Timothy Shea in 1884.  Anne and Timothy had four children, one of whom, Catherine, died as a baby.

Stephen, the eldest son of Stephen Shea and Catherine Corbett, was, according to family lore, a wild man who had two children to a Miss Densley.  He worked as a farm labourer and after a while disappeared and was not heard of again.