Henry, Henry, Michael, Catherine WORTHY

Henry Worthy                     1820-1870

Henry Worthy                     1857-1863

Michael Worthy                  1854-1863

Catherine Worthy              1868-1869

Henry Worthy and Eliza Madden were married in 1852.  Rate records show that Henry Worthy owned fifteen acres and a house in the Parish of Korkuperrimul.  It would appear that the house was approximately where Dickie St leaves Lerderderg St.  Henry Worthy was a brick maker.

Not far from the Worthy home was a large dam on Wells land in Crook St between Manor and Malcolm Sts.  On Tuesday, 29th December, 1863, nine year old Michael Worthy and his six year old brother, Henry, were swimming in the Wells dam.  They were seen by Mrs Mary Hurst who lived on the corner of Pearce (now Candeloro) and Crook St.  She tried to persuade the lads to get out without success.  Shortly after, at about 3.30pm, the boys got into deep water and drowned.

Six years later, Catherine, the one year old daughter of Henry and Eliza, died.  The following year Henry, Eliza’s husband, died and was buried with his children at the Hopetoun Cemetery.

It has been suggested by a descendant that two other sons, William and Richard died in the 1860’s and could be buried at the same cemetery but no records for these two have been located.