James, John, Denis LYNCH

James Lynch        1867-1868

John Lynch          1867-1868

Denis Lynch        1867-1868

One can imagine the surprise when three babies arrived in 1867.  The pregnant mother, who already had a one year old daughter, did not have the luxury of a scan to prepare her for such an event.  The following ‘Express’ reports cover the event:

‘The unusual event of the birth of triplets has occurred during the week, the wife of Mr E Lynch, market gardener of Bacchus Marsh, having presented her husband with three sons.  Should His Excellency the Governor feel it his duty to make the customary Royal donation on such occasions, as the representative of Her Majesty, doubtless the gift will be acceptable.’  27.04.1867  (His Excellency did give three pounds)

‘Mrs Edward Lynch and her three sons have been numerously visited since the birth of the latter, and liberal presents have been made.  We refrain from mentioning names, as possibly we might omit some of the donors, suffice to say that most of the ladies in the township have endeavoured to add to the comfort of the family.  To this end, Mr J E Crook of Manor House, has kindly interceded himself, to obtain from Lady Manners Sulton, some substantial compliment to Mrs Lynch and her trio of sons, who, by-the-way, have been baptised Denis, John and James.’ 04.05.1867

‘A petition was read from Mr and Mrs Lynch, asking for a gratuity from the Board, owing to their large and helpless family, which had been increased lately by three sons at a birth. It was objected to by the Chairman and some members, that they had no power to grant any such gratuity, although Shire and Borough Councils had.  Mr JE Crook was permitted to speak to the petition.  He said that the parties resided on his land, and he could testify as to the just nature of the claim they made.  He was sure no ratepayer would object to some assistance being given to a deserving family such as the Lynches. …….’08.06.1867

The mother of the triplets was Bridget Ryan, daughter of Denis Ryan and Mary Hines.  She was born in Nenagh, Co Tipperary and migrated with 22 year old Mary Ryan.  Bridget was 20.  Edward Lynch was from Co Mayo.  Edward and Bridget married in Brighton in 1865 and settled in Bacchus Marsh soon after.  They were on land just off Gisborne Rd in the Coimadai area.  Edward was a gardener.  In 1868 all triplets died.  James died on 11th February and was buried the next day.  John died five days after his brother.  Death certificates gave dysentery as the cause of death.  Three weeks later Denis, who had battled diarrhoea for two months died.  He was buried the next day – 11.03.1868.  Two further children were born, Ellen and Catherine.  Ellen married Henry Warke and Catherine married Martin Dunne.  Bridget is remembered on the Pioneer Women’s Memorial.