James, John, Mary, Thomas ROCHFORD

James Rochford                      1867-1867

John Rochford                        1867-1867

Mary Rochford                       1876-1876

Thomas Rochford                  1876-1876

James and John were the first set of twins born to Michael Rochford and Catherine Densley.  They lived for fifteen and fourteen days respectively.  Twins were again born in 1876 but both lived only one day.  These four babies were first cousins to the four Love infants and to John Lockhart who are all buried at Hopetoun Cemetery.

Michael Rochford was born in Tipperary to Michael Rochford and Ellen Burke. Catherine Densley was born about 1851 at Hopetoun (Bacchus Marsh).  Catherine and Michael were married on February 20th 1857 at Darley.

The Densleys, sometimes known as Carters, lived opposite the Hopetoun Cemetery in a small cottage.  Catherine’s parents were James Densley and Mary Doughney.  She was born at New Norfolk, Tasmania.  Catherine’s mother died when Catherine was a baby.   No death or burial record has been found.  It is possible Mary could have been a very early burial at Hopetoun Cemetery.  Her father, James, was married again to Sarah Halliday. James had three children to Mary and twelve to Sarah.

James, also born at New Norfolk, Tasmania, was the son of Thomas Densley and Hannah Hemmings Carter.  Thomas was a convict.  He had been sentenced to death for the theft of three pounds nine shillings.  Luckily for all the wonderful Densley descendants the sentence was commuted to transportation.  When Thomas and his son, James, left for Victoria seeking work, Hannah remained in Tasmania.  Thomas died in 1854 at Castlemaine.  Hannah re-married in 1855.  Her second husband was James Reeves.  They were married at St Thomas’ Church, Avoca, Tasmania.

Thank you to Marlene Spurr for help with this family.