John Daly                            1795-1875

John Daly’s great great grand-daughter, Mary Corcoran, provided the following information.  John Daly was born at Tullamore, Kings Co, Ireland.   John married Catherine Dunne in 1824 in Tullamore, Kings Co (Offaly).

In 1844, John and Catherine Daly set out for Australia with their eight children.  What a brave undertaking.  Tragedy struck when Catherine died at sea.  The ages of her eight children were Patrick 20, Anthony 18, Catherine 16, Laurence 14, Elizabeth 12, Honoria 10, Maria 9, John 5 and Margaret 2.  On arrival in Australia on 18th February, 1844, John and the five youngest children went to Williamstown where he worked for three months.  In June of that year he married Bridget Collins at St Francis’ Church, Melbourne.  They had two children, James and Bridget.

In 1854, John’s name appeared in the Commercial Directory at 14 Lonsdale St.  He was listed as a merchant.  Research shows he was a general merchant and sold grain on commission.  He also owned land in Footscray.

While in Melbourne he began land dealings in Bacchus Marsh.  He moved to Bacchus Marsh, where he had a farming property on the main road east of the town.  This property, called ‘Tullamore’, began at the 32 mile post taking in three present day (early 2000’s) orchards and extending back to the river.  In 1870 ‘Tullamore’ was leased to Mackie and Gleeson who later went to Gippsland.  It was eventually sold to orchardists from Hurstbridge.  John had a number of pieces of real estate in the area.  In 1870 he bought John Carroll’s at auction for 300 pounds.  It comprised six acres with two buildings, a boot shop and a cottage.  Eleven months later he instructed William Anderson to sell thirteen half acre lots known as Carrolls.  This was opposite the present day post office.

Several other properties were listed in John’s will:

  • thirteen acres with a stone and brick house containing six rooms, and stable erected thereon, known as Stamford Hotel and occupied by Sutherland Miller
  • two roods and twenty-four perches with two brick cottages thereon – one let for three shillings per week, the other unoccupied.  This property was on the corner of Crook and Clark (now Candeloro) Streets.
  • one rood twenty-five perches in Crook Street with three-roomed cottage lately occupied by the deceased

Witnesses to the will were H A Living and John Wells.  Executors were James Hegarty of Parwan, farmer and Leper Harry Wells of Bacchus Marsh, brick maker.

The oldest son, Patrick, inherited most of the estate.  Patrick had the property at the corner of Crook and Clark Streets held in trust for his youngest sister (half-sister), Bridget, who was already living in that house.  In 1870, Bridget had married John McNamara, son of Denis McNamara and step-son of Jeremiah Ryan.

Anthony married Ellen Sullivan.  He died at Deniliquin, NSW in 1886.

Catherine Daly married James Edwards.  He had a butcher’s shop in Bacchus Marsh where the National Bank now stands.

Maria Daly married Michael Kays, a road contractor, who worked on roads in the Bacchus Marsh area.

John Daly Jr was employed by William Symington at his brewery.  The ‘Express’ March 1867 noted, ‘In the hack race at Bacchus Marsh Mr Bence’s mare was disqualified as it was not a hack and the stake money was paid to Mr John Daly Jr owner of  ‘I Want It’.

Margaret Daly married Edward Dunne who was a labourer at Pentland Hills.

James Daly married Bridget Gleeson.  After the birth of their fourth child, they moved from Bacchus Marsh to Gippsland.