John, Thomas John BOWE

John                                 1847-1885

Thomas John                  1875-1876

John Bowe, son of Thomas Bowe and Bridget Byrne, married Bridget O’Keefe in 1869 in Victoria. Their first child, Bridget, was born in 1870 at Ballarat East. The next child located was Thomas, born 1873, who died in 1874. It is assumed he was buried at Ballarat.

A son, Thomas John, died 8th April, 1876 aged ten months. He is buried at Hopetoun Cemetery with his father, John. The tombstone was erected by John’s wife, Bridget.

Another daughter, Mary, was born in 1881. She married George Roney in 1904 at Yarrawonga. They had six children.