Margaret Forrest CAIN

Margaret Forrest Cain        1865-1865

Margaret Forrest Cain was born at Korkuperrimul.  It would appear that her mother, Margaret Cain, was unmarried.  Margaret was a domestic servant.  Margaret Forrest Cain was four months old when she died on 11th November, 1865.  An inquest conducted at Bacchus Marsh determined she died from diarrhoea.  Her death certificate gives her father as John Forrest, a labourer.  No minister of religion was present at the burial.  Witnesses were Patrick Haley and James Vallence.  No relationship has, as yet, been established with the Thomas and Bridget Cain family.

Recent research by Lorraine Johnston has found that Henry Cain, who died at Korkuperrimul in 1870, had listed in his will a daughter, Margaret, who never married.  This Margaret Cain died in Northcote in 1920.  She was 76.  This would have made her 21 years old when baby, Margaret Forrest Cain, was born.