Patrick, Jane GLEESON

Patrick Gleeson                    1798-1872

Jane Gleeson                         1840-1871

Patrick was born in Ireland to Timothy and Margaret Gleeson and had been eighteen years in Victoria at the time of his death.  He was married in Ireland, at the age of 27, to Margaret Toohey, daughter of Michael Toohey and Johanna Dwyer.

His death certificate listed the following children: Timothy age 42, Julie age 40, Margaret age 38, Hanora age 36, Mary age 34 and Bridget age 24.

Jane Gleeson, the daughter of Patrick Byrne and Mary O’Brien, was born in Limerick about 1840.  Jane married Timothy Gleeson, son of Patrick (above), who was born in Tipperary and Mary, who was born in Tuam, Galway.  They married in Victoria in 1863.  It is known there was at least one son, Patrick, born 1865 in Bacchus Marsh.  Patrick married Alice O’Donoghue.

Jane Gleeson nee Byrne died at Parwan when she was only 31.