Patrick Jeremiah, John O’Connor KING

Patrick Jeremiah King           1863-1867

John O’Connor King              1832-1884

Patrick King was the three year old son of John O’Connor King and Bridget Cosgrove.  John O’Connor King was born in Tipperary and Bridget was born in Geelong.  John and Bridget were married in 1863.  They had six children, all born in Bacchus Marsh.

Wal Stewart, in his book, writes ‘The year 1890 unfolds the sad story of the widow King and her two boys aged 8 and 10.  They lived precariously in a tent at Parwan, and the widow supported her sons by washing.  One weekend the boys visited the deserted Parwan School and spent a pleasant invigorating hour throwing stones through the windows.’

Bridget King was included on the Pioneer Women’s Avenue.