Thomas, John, William CULLEN

Thomas Cullen                  1814-1864

John Cullen                        1854-1862

William Cullen                  1861-1862

Thomas Cullen married Mary Anne McNamara in 1853.  Mary Anne was the daughter of John McNamara.  Her mother’s maiden name was Driscoll.

The Maddingley School which opened in Betty Cullen’s hut in 1855 had Thomas Cullen as an early patron on the foundation board.  Betty Cullen’s hut was a small slab building with a dirt floor on the site where the Bacchus Marsh Coaches depot is now.

Two of Thomas and Mary Anne’s five known children died at eight months and eight years respectively, six days apart, in January, 1862.  Thomas died two years later.  It seems Mary Anne was married again to Michael Doyle.