Timothy LEAHY

Timothy Leahy          1833-1873

Timothy was the husband of Margaret Moloughnay.  His parents were James and Mary Leahy.  Timothy and Margaret, who married in Tipperary, Ireland, migrated to Victoria about 1855.  No relationship with John Leahy has been established but, given they were both Tipperary born, it is likely they were related, probably cousins.  It is also noted that John Leahy died at Bullengarook in 1870.  Timothy was also on land at Bullengarook at that time.

The list our group received from Vic bdm had Timothy’s surname spelt ‘Leahey’ but his actual death certificate has it spelt ‘Leahy’.  The family spells Margaret’s name ‘Moloughney’. Timothy’s death certificate has it as Margaret McLaughlin.  Six different spellings of her surname appear on the children’s birth records.  Research has been difficult.  Fortunately, with help from Mary Flanagan, a descendant, Bill Leahy, was located.  Bill provided valuable information.

The ‘Bacchus Marsh Express’ reported on 9th August, 1873:  ‘A sad accident happened to Mr Leahy, a farmer residing here (Bullengarook) on Monday the 4th inst., which has since proved fatal.  It appears he was returning from Bacchus Marsh, under the influence of drink, in charge of a horse and dray.  When deceased was two or three miles on his way home he commenced beating the horse.  The animal started off, and Mr Leahy fell under the wheel, which went over his body, breaking his leg and three of his ribs, and bruising his head.  Luckily some people were with him at the time of the accident, and they brought him home, else he might have been out all night.  Dr Rae was in attendance the next day, and had little hopes of his recovery.  The poor fellow expired about two o’clock on Thursday morning, leaving a widow and six children (there were actually eight) to lament his sad end, one being born (the ninth) just after his death.’  The children listed on his death certificate were:  Mary Ann 16 yrs, Bridget 14 yrs, Ann (Hanora) 12 yrs, Margaret 10 yrs, James 9 yrs, Catherine 7 yrs, Johanna 5 yrs and William Matthew 2 yrs.  Timothy was the child born just after his father’s death.  At the time of his death Timothy owned 160 acres near the old Bullengarook PO.  Margaret tried to buy additional land but was unsuccessful so in about 1878, she packed up her children and moved to Timmering near Rochester.  Her eldest daughter, Mary Ann Leahy, had married William Hannigan in 1876.  Their two day old daughter was buried with her grandfather in 1879.

Timothy’s son, William Matthew Leahy married Mary (Annie) Hogan, daughter of Ned Hogan and Annie Gorman.  Bill Leahy, son of William and Mary, and his wife, Maureen attended the Dedication Ceremony on 22nd October, 2016.  Bill was the only child at his generation to carry the Leahy surname.  He provided some family information.